High purity water for moisturizing skin. Yuragi junsui Première High purity water for moisturizing skin. Yuragi junsui Première

Yuragi Junsui Premiere, a revolutionary beauty humidifier that uses "photocatalytic technology," which is drawing worldwide attention, to create highly pure water and transform it into high-quality moisture.
With performance that surpasses conventional wisdom and stylish design, this is a beauty gadget for the new generation that moisturizes dry skin and everyday life and delivers true wellness.
The product makes its debut as the world's first from Kaltech.


Titanium dioxide is a material with notable photocatalytic properties. When a titanium dioxide photocatalyst is exposed to light in the presence of water and oxygen, a reaction occurs that generates strong oxidizing power on the surface of the photocatalyst. This breaks down and neutralizes harmful organic substances that come into contact with the photocatalyst.

Back in 1972, Japan was home to a breakthrough in photocatalysis research. Technology derived from this research is improving lives today—purifying air and water and keeping food fresh. Looking ahead, we see the potential for new applications of photocatalysis in fields such as medical care, energy, and the environment.

Since our company’s founding, Kaltech has continued to do applied research on photocatalysts. We’re committed to enriching the lives of people everywhere by harnessing the knowledge and unique technologies we have gained through our research.

Kaltech’s vision is to create an “infrastructure for life” through photocatalysts and to share the resulting benefits with people all over the world.



  • AIR
  • FOOD

Design safety into water, air, and food—for our planet and our future.
Help solve social issues through cutting-edge photocatalyst technology.


Contribute to society by pursuing unique photocatalyst technology and providing verified solutions.
Aim for global-standard technology that contributes to various markets related to water, air, and food;
for example, in homes, businesses, and industrial infrastructure.

Kaltech’s SDGs


  • AIR

  • FOOD

Kaltech has core expertise in photocatalysts.
Our unique photocatalytic technology is used in hospitals, plant factories, and food storage facilities. Reducing food waste is one benefit that our technology brings to society. We are also developing photocatalytic technology for use in purifying pond water and water used for land-based fish farming.
We will keep working to find ways of using photocatalytic technology to solve environmental problems and other issues that are important to society.

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About Us

Our mission is to design safety into water, air, and food—for our planet and our future. We develop and make products that help address a common global problem—how to purify air and water. As our brand grows stronger, we want to see our photocatalyst technology used in new environmental products the world over.

  • ■ Head office: Osaka, Japan
  • ■ Business: Development and sales of photocatalyst materials and applied products

Our company name

Kaltech Corporation


Before launching Kaltech, I worked at a major electronics company. While on a business trip to Sri Lanka, I learned that children there were getting sick from drinking pesticide-tainted well water. I had an epiphany. Having studied photocatalysis at university, I saw how the water could be purified. Being able to make a difference for others in the world is what led me to found Kaltech in 2018.
Kaltech’s mission is to use photocatalysis to solve problems with air, water, food, and energy. Our ultimate goal is to generate the energy of the future. Everything starts from a moment of inspiration. So watch this space.

Junichi Somei
President, Kaltech Corporation

Kyoto Craft Edition

Special limited edition of Wall-mounted units crossed with four traditional Kyoto crafts:
Nishijin silk fabrics , gold leaf, Kyoto lacquerware and Kyoto Hand drawn yuzen.

KL-01 Design study model

  • Nishijin-Ori/西陣織
  • Gold Leaf /金箔
  • Kyo-Shikki/京漆器
  • Kyo-Yuzen/京友禅