Yuragi Junsui Premiere

Equipped with advanced “Photocatalyst”.The world's first beauty humidifier, born.

High purity water for moisturizing skin.

Yuragi Junsui Premiere, a revolutionary beauty humidifier that uses "photocatalytic technology," which is drawing worldwide attention, to create highly pure water and transform it into high-quality moisture.
With performance that surpasses conventional wisdom and stylish design, this is a beauty gadget for the new generation that moisturizes dry skin and everyday life and delivers true wellness.
The product makes its debut as the world's first from Kaltech.

  • *"Junsui" is a word created from photocatalytic technology to describe water that is both physically and mentally moisturizing and highly pure.
    It is the outcome of Kaltech' s many years of photocatalytic research.
  • *Premiere means "first" or " primary" in French. The name was chosen as an appropriate name for Kaltech' s debut in the "water" field.
  • *1:World's first photocatalytic storage tray with photocatalyst inside (as of December 6, 2022, according to our research)

A new standard of wellness and beauty combined with luxury and advanced technology

Yuragi Jyunsui Premiere, Kaltech's world-class beauty humidifier with photocatalytic technology.
The Yuragi Jyunsui Premiere is a beauty humidifier with photocatalytic technology, which Kaltech is proud to offer to the world. It is a one-of-a-kind product that transcends the concept of a humidifier and is filled to the brim with unique attention to detail.

Function|“Photocatalyst” function delivers purifying mist providing moisture to skin

3 Innovative Technologies
  1. 1.The cartridge is specially designed to remove residual chlorine in tap water. There is no risk of white crystals adhering to the tray or humidification filter, which makes it easy to clean. Also maintains a mildly acidic pH of 4.5 to 6.5, which is known to be gentle on the skin.
  2. 2.Water passed through the cartridge is made pure by featured "photocatalytic plate”.
  3. 3.Photocatalytic treated water spray results in a fine mist from the smart head on the top. When the Smart Bar is removed and the accompanying beauty attachment is applied, the unit transforms into a beauty humidifier.
    The beauty attachment is uniquely designed to provide a refreshing and moisturizing sensation directly to the skin. It has a different internal structure and mist adjustment function than the Smart Head.

Design|Stylish and Functional details

Premium Touch Cover

Premium touch cover covering the main unit in a sophisticated pure white tone, highly textured, water-resistant artificial leather.
A modern and stylish design with high quality features and gentle nuance that matches the interior.

Beauty Attachments

Includes an attachment that allows direct exposure of high-purity water to the face by photocatalytic technology.
The beauty attachment, which can be attached directly to the main unit, is original and set at a 23° angle in order to pursue the ideal amount and distance of mist that can be sprayed on the face. It is carefully designed to feel fresh moisture on the skin.

Operations Panel

The user-friendly operation panel is even smartly designed for easy cleaning.
The flat panel that houses the control buttons is designed to improve operability and cleaning functions. Minimalistic yet rich in functions, the control buttons offer 3-stage atomization, intermittent operation, and an off-timer setting.
◎The beauty mode runs for 3 minutes continuously when the start button is pressed and stops automatically.

Chrome Head

Three interchangeable smart heads allow you to customize the angle of spraying.
Three ergonomically designed heads with angled spray heads can be rotated 360° to spray in the desired direction. The ideal moistening environment can be customized, for example, for the entire room or at the bedside during sleep time. (Includes a special pouch for the Smart Head)

New Normal in Wellness and Beauty Three Advantages of Yuragi Junsui Premiere

1.World‘s first*1! “Photocatalytic Technology" applied humidifiers

Yuragi Junsui Premiere, created by Kaltech‘s proprietary design, enables humidification with clean water that retains its purity*2.
It also prevents the deterioration of water quality and the growth of bacteria.*2,3

2.Mildly acidic, high-purity water is finely misted to provide clean moisture to the skin.

The built-in dedicated cartridge removes residual chlorine contained in tap water*4.
In addition, the photocatalyst keeps the water in this state, humidifying it with a mildly acidic mist with a pH4.5 to 6.5, which is considered an indicator of healthy skin.
You can quickly feel smooth skin and rich moisture.*5

3.The blue light of the "photocatalyst" and the shimmering motion of the clean water make for a time of mindfulness.

The design maximizes the use of the blue light of LEDs*6, which is essential for photocatalyst, as a unique feature of the product. The blue light calms the mind and promotes relaxation, while at the same time, the shimmering motion and sound of the water can be experienced visually and audibly. It creates a moment that invites you to mindfulness as a humidifier.

  • *1:The world‘s first photocatalytic water storage tray with a photocatalytic coating as of December 6, 2022, (according to our own research).
  • *2:Keep the power supply of the main unit ON at all times. (If the power remains OFF for a long period of time with water stored in the tray, we recommend cleaning the inside of the tray.)
  • *3:Not all bacteria have been verified.
  • *4:When using the included exclusive cartridge.
  • *5:We conducted a skin moisture test and 10 out of 10 people felt their skin was moisturized before andafter using the product.
  • *6:Blue-violet at 405nm wavelength. It has no effect on the human body.

Five Commitments of “Yuragi Junsui Premiere”

1.Highly purified water from which residual chlorine (chalky) and other residuals in tap water are removed The water is kept pure by photocatalyst. Photocatalyst keeps the purity of the water.

2.Daily water changes are not required for the photocatalyst to inhibit the generation of bacteria*1,2 .(Because purity is maintained by photocatalysis.)

3.White crystals caused by calcium carbonate do not form easily and are easy to clean*2.

4.High-purity mist humidifies the space, and the slightly acidic, ultra-soft water fills the skin with high-quality moisture.

5.The blue light of the photocatalyst creates a relaxing space with a "Fluctuating Design".

  • *1:Tap water that has passed through a dedicated cartridge is discharged with or without a photocatalyst. With photocatalyst, the number of bacteria after 14 days was reduced by 91% compared to the tap water quality standard set by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. (Tap water quality standard, 100 CFU/ml or less (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)
  • *2:Please keep the power supply of the main unit ON at all times. This inhibits the generation of bacteria.

Yuragi Junsui Premiere [Specification]

Model name
KL-H01 Ultrasonic type
Applicable humidification area(Strong mode)
Approx. 14m2 /150.6 ft2
Operation mode
Weak / Medium / Strong / Beauty *3
Power consumption(W)
Weak :20 / Medium :28 / Strong :40 / Beauty 39 /Standby 5 *4
Humidification (mL/h) *5
Weak :100 / Medium :200 / Strong :300 / Beauty 15 *6
Maximum humidification time (hours) *7
Weak : 12 / Medium : 6 / Strong : 4
Off timer (hours)
1 / 2 / 4
Dimensions (mm/inch)
D 245mm x H 653mm (Body height 202mm excluding Smart Bar)
D 2.9in x H 25.7in (Body height 7.9in excluding Smart Bar)
Weight (kg)
Approx. 2.9kg / 102.2oz
(with exclusive cartridge/smart bar/smart head installed, without water injection)
Tank capacity (L)
Approx. 1.2 L
Power cord length (m)
Approx. 2.7 (AC adapter approx. 1.5 + power cord approx. 1.2)
  • *3:This mode is only for when a beauty attachment is installed.
  • *4:Please keep the main unit power on even in standby mode. This is necessary to keep the photocatalyst running and to maintain clean water.
  • *5:Amount of humidification at 20°C/30% humidity.
  • *6:Total humidification volume for 3 minutes in beauty mode operation.
  • *7:1,200ml (950ml smart bar + 250ml photocatalytic tray usable volume) when full of water Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

Cartridges are consumable (sold separately). When the yellow light flashes on the smart bar, it is time to replace.
(Approximate time to replace the cartridge is 3~4 months when used in medium mode for 6 hours a day)
If the cartridge is used after the replacement period, it may not be fully effective. (When water is supplied to the tank once a day. (There are individual differences depending on the frequency of use.)

When not in use for an extended period, drain the water from the Smart Bar and the tray of the main unit.

Be sure to use tap water. Purified water, distilled water, water from a water purifier, alkaline ionized water, mineral water, well water, dirty water, and warm water over 40°C may not be effective enough.

When the humidifier is not used for a long period of time, wash the photocatalytic plate with tap water and dry it in the sun. (Do not scrub with a hard brush, etc.)

  • *During this period of use, the photocatalytic plate does not need to be washed by keeping the power of the main unit always on to inhibit the generation of bacteria.

The remarkable moisture retention of “Junsui”*.Examine the possibilities!

Kaltech verified the transition of skin moisture content of "Junsui" mist made under the same conditions as the "Yuragi Junsui Premiere" beauty humidifier.
Although the increase in moisture content in the first 30 minutes after skin application was expected, the average skin moisture level of 13 women in their 30s to 40s, who were left at a room with controlled temperature and humidity without skincare after application, showed only a slight decrease after 8 hours, proving the high moisture retention capacity of “Junsui”.

Skin Moisture Content

  • *The values in the figure are the difference between the pre-application values of each subject's individual data as 0, 30 minutes after application, and 8 hours after application.

Testing laboratory: SOUKEN.
Purpose of the study: Improvement of various skin conditions by application of “Jyunsui”
Test method: After applying “Junsui” to the face, the skin was placed in a controlled-temperature, controlled-humidity room without skincare. Skin moisture content was measured 30 minutes and 8 hours after application using a portable moisture evaporation meter.
Participants: 13 Japanese women aged 35-49 years old Amount applied: 1.3㎖/whole face *Set as a standard for the amount applied in actual use

  • *"Jyunsui" is a word created from photocatalytic technology to describe water that is both physically and mentally moisturizing and highly pure. It is the outcome of Kaltech's many years of photocatalytic research.